The 50 Hottest Edge Hardware, Software And Services Companies: 2023 Edge Computing 100

CRN highlights 50 companies leading the way in edge computing with hardware, software and services.

The largest hardware and software companies in the world are investing heavily in edge computing as millions of new devices came online in 2023 and more compute power was needed to handle the influx of artificial intelligence technology.

Companies that are being honored on CRN’s 2023 50 Hottest Edge Hardware, Software and Services list are edge market leaders paving the way for innovation and growth that customers are demanding.

This includes server and chip giants like Dell Technologies, Nvidia and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, software leaders Microsoft and Citrix, as well as edge computing specialists such as EdgeConneX and Adapdix that are driving optimization and custom offerings in the market.

Edge computing is a critical component for many businesses’ digital transformation goals, with the technology helping customers drive efficiency and effectiveness, accelerate deployments and avoid sprawl. IT research firm Gartner expects that over 50 percent of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud by 2025.

Interestingly, the edge computing market will also complement cloud computing for nearly every enterprise by 2025, according to a Gartner report. Customers now require a more agile and real-time front office where customers, employees and assets interact with each other and the enterprise, which is spurring edge computing sales.

As seen with some launches by Amazon Web Services and other cloud leaders, edge computing and the Internet of Things is top of mind for many cloud computing companies, which enabled many companies to be honored on CRN’s list.

As part of CRN’s 2023 Edge Computing 100, here are the 50 edge computing software, hardware and services companies that are leading the market this year with no plans on slowing down in 2024.


Anthony Hill

Founder, CEO

The Adapdix EdgeOps platform makes enterprise AI accessible, delivers ROI within weeks and reduces maintenance costs at the edge. With a focus on enabling autonomous manufacturing, Adapdix provides seamless scaling from a single piece of hardware to thousands of distributed manufacturing processes across multiple sites and cloud endpoints.

Adlink Technology

Jim Liu

President, CEO

Adlink Technology builds edge hardware and software for embedded and intelligent computing—from powering PCs to building autonomous race cars. The company launched its ROScube RQX-59 Series edge hardware line tailored toward robotics, autonomous driving and AI. Adlink also has a strong partnership with Nvidia.

Amazon Web Services

Adam Selipsky


The world’s leading cloud company provides several purpose-built edge cloud products including AWS IoT Core to secure and connect devices, AWS IoT Greengrass to build intelligent IoT devices faster, and AWS IoT SiteWise to collect and analyze data from industrial hardware at scale. AWS also offers a massive variety of edge services around data processing, analysis and storage.


Lisa Su

Chair, President, CEO

AMD has unveiled several new chips targeting edge computing in 2023 including new EPYC processors for edge server deployments and Zen 4C for PCs. AMD’s Ryzen processors aim to address the needs of IoT gateways, while the company’s EPYC chips are in some of the world’s most popular edge servers.

BMC Software

Ayman Sayed

President, CEO

BMC Software’s Helix Edge discovers, collects, aggregates and analyzes operational technology data in edge environments to enable anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and a digital twin simulated in a unified view. In addition, the company’s Helix IoT Edge platform manages IoT and edge infrastructure.

Cato Networks

Shlomo Kramer

Co-Founder, CEO

Cato Networks’ Secure Access Service Edge platform replaces costly and rigid hardware with a modern SASE architecture based on SD-WAN. This year, the edge software and services star reached a valuation of $3.1 billion.

Cisco Systems

Chuck Robbins

Chair, CEO

The global networking powerhouse has been innovating at the edge for years via new servers, storage and network switches optimized for edge environments. Cisco also offers edge software, services, orchestration, security and intelligence via offerings such as Cisco Intersight, Cisco ACI and several SASE offerings.

Citrix Systems, part of Cloud Software Group

Tom Krause


Citrix’s Endpoint Management offering brings every application and endpoint into one unified view to deliver a digital workspace. This year, Citrix combined its Desktop-as-a-Service and virtual desktop infrastructure offerings in a Citrix Universal subscription.


Eric Simone

Co-Founder, CEO

ClearBlade is an edge AI and IoT specialist whose platforms deliver AI and edge-native computing, including its Edge Platform that gives customers the ability to deploy a common software stack across any environment. The ClearBlade IoT Core platform’s security connects and manages data from globally dispersed devices.

CyberPower Systems

Brent Lovett

President, CEO

CyberPower designs and manufactures UPS systems, PDUs, remote management hardware, software and connectivity products that power and manage edge infrastructure. The company recently launched its new RMCARD400 remote management card for networks and devices that need up to 1 Gbit of networking speed.

Dell Technologies

Michael Dell

Founder, Chairman, CEO

Dell Technologies is a global leader in edge servers and storage hardware with edge offerings that enable customers to expedite insight and digitize business processes. This year, Dell launched its NativeEdge software platform that secures, centralizes and automates edge infrastructure and application deployments.


Craig Arnold

Chairman, CEO

Eaton is a global leader in power hardware, software monitoring and management offerings for distributed edge environments to keep applications and devices running longer and prevent servers from data loss. The company also has offerings optimized for industrial IoT edge deployments, local edge data centers and gateways at the edge.


Randy Brouckman

Co-Founder, CEO

EdgeConneX provides hyperlocal-to-hyperscale data center offerings for customers seeking custom facilities or micro data centers with a focus on sustainability. The edge data center infrastructure and services specialist increased its global presence significantly overseas in 2023, including in India and Indonesia.


Kilton Hopkins

Co-Founder, CEO

Edgeworx enables customers to deploy, orchestrate and operate containerized microservice applications from the cloud to remote services and edge devices. Edgeworx’s Cloud portfolio available on Google Cloud helps customers orchestrate and deploy edge applications and devices for full life-cycle management.


Charles Meyers

President, CEO

Equinix provides offerings and services for IoT edge devices, edge sites and on-demand storage to manage data. The Equinix Network Edge provides virtual networking services that run on a modular infrastructure platform, optimized for deployment and interconnection of physical and virtual networks.

Extreme Networks

Ed Meyercord

President, CEO

Extreme Networks is a large provider of edge networking hardware, software and services, including its Extended Edge Switching portfolio. The ExtremeCloud Edge is a fully integrated stack that optimizes operations and enhances cloud sovereignty and edge devices with unified management at the edge.


Shane Buckley

President, CEO

Gigamon provides an edge observability pipeline that delivers network intelligence to cloud, security and observability tools. The company offers its GigaVUE TA Series of edge network packet brokers designed to aggregate multiple network links and feed the combined traffic to GigaVUE products directly to security and monitoring tools.

Google Cloud

Thomas Kurian


Google Cloud’s Distributed Cloud Edge platform enables customers to run Google Kubernetes Engine clusters on dedicated hardware provided and maintained by Google on-premises. The platform aims to make Anthos the foundation for running 5G infrastructure and critical workloads such as AI and big data analytics.


Khalid Raza

Founder, CEO

Graphiant is a next-generation edge services company led by SD-WAN pioneer Raza. The Graphiant Network-Edge-as-a-Service offering provides connectivity between the enterprise WAN, hybrid cloud, network edge and customers. It combines MPLS-like performance and agility to enable network architects to build enterprise-grade networks at speed.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Antonio Neri

President, CEO

HPE is a world leader in edge computing infrastructure and software—from edge-optimized servers and storage to IoT edge services. HPE’s GreenLake offering provides customers with unified data at the edge with seamless integration across all infrastructure and applications from the edge to the cloud.

Hitachi Vantara

Sheila Rohra


Hitachi Vantara has a portfolio of storage and converged infrastructure hardware, along with software and data analytics services targeting the edge and IoT. The company’s edge-specific gateways focus on transforming video data into intelligence by connecting cameras, networking and data into one system.

HPE Aruba Networking

Phil Mottram

EVP, GM, HPE Intelligent Edge business

Aruba’s Edge Services Platform unifies wired, wireless and SD-WAN infrastructure and offers automated network management and predictive AI-powered insight. Aruba’s EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform, meanwhile, provides flexibility to develop managed services and map individual or groups of applications to specific business overlays that can be customized for each enterprise.

HP Inc.

Enrique Lores

President, CEO

HP’s Engage Edge helps accelerate on-premises sensor-based automation offerings to enable businesses to gather and process data from an array of endpoints in order to deliver better managing and monitoring. The company offers a slew of endpoint products including PCs, printers and workstations.


Arvind Krishna

Chairman, CEO

IBM’s Edge Application Manager helps customers scale and run edge offerings anywhere with autonomous management, enabling a single administrator to manage changing application environments across endpoints simultaneously. The IT giant also provides edge infrastructure and software for network automation and data analytics.


Klaus Oestermann


IGEL provides next-generation edge OS endpoint security, optimization and control solutions for cloud workspaces and virtual desktops. Regarding edge security, IGEL helps IT administrators safeguard endpoint devices by providing employees with secure and managed access to company applications, data and desktops from any device.


Pat Gelsinger


Intel is continues to power big edge computing gains with its Arc GPUs, which are being deployed to power edge applications like smart factories and cities. Earlier this year, Intel delivered the fastest workstation GPUs yet in its Arc Pro A-series lineup, doubling the video memory, memory bandwidth, PCIe lanes and compute units over models launched last year.

Juniper Networks

Rami Rahim


Juniper Networks is making network edge data center deployments more palatable with its Apstra data center management tool. In September, Juniper released Apstra 4.2.0, which the company said makes private edge data centers as easy to operate as public cloud.

Among the new capabilities in Apstra 4.2.0 are improved data collection and visualization, full network visibility with integrated flow data from multiple vendors, and network provisioning with Terraform, a software tool created by HashiCorp.


Yannick Delibie

President, CEO

The Internet of Things superstar is powering big gains in edge computing with its IoT gateways, modules, connectivity and device management. The latest leap forward: a strategic partnership with The Things Industries that provides zero touch provisioning of IoT network deployments.


Yang Yuanqing


Lenovo is driving a new era of AI solutions at the network edge with its TruScale infrastructure as-a-service offering. Earlier this year, Lenovo expanded the TruScale pay-as-you-go service to its portfolio of specialized edge AI servers.

Lenovo President of Infrastructure Solutions Kirk Skaugen said the new offering “continues to push the boundaries of what is possible at the edge, making it easier than ever before to deploy critical edge computing that efficiently delivers transformative AI-powered insights for any business, anywhere.”


Christina Kosmowski


LogicMonitor is bringing what it calls “intelligence” to the edge with its new Dexda natural language/machine learning hybrid observability platform.

“Dexda is the latest step in the evolution of our AIOps technologies,” said LogicMonitor CEO Kosmowski, “Now, we are advancing Generative AI for solving customer challenges, making LogicMonitor even more user-friendly as a co-pilot.”


Satya Nadella


Microsoft is making what may well be the biggest and boldest bet to transform edge computing with its Microsoft365 Copilot generative AI offering.

Microsoft365 Copilot brings the game-changing ChatGPT natural language model to all Microsoft apps including Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Microsoft Edge browser.

“This is as significant as the PC was to the ’80s, the Web in the ’90s, mobile in the 2000s, cloud in the 2010s,” said Nadella.

Mimik Technology

Fay Arjomandi

Founder, CEO, President

Mimik Technology is an edge computing innovator whose Hybrid Edge Cloud (HEC) architecture transforms smart devices into cloud servers. The company’s latest step in its pioneering efforts: being selected as a preferred supplier for automotive components manufacturer Marelli’s software-defined vehicle stack.


Antonio Pellegrino

Co-Founder, CEO

Mutable is providing what is calls a public edge cloud that delivers faster internet and better quality of service for customers by acting as an “Airbnb” of servers. The company’s technology is aimed at providing the “constant access to low-latency, high-throughput bandwidth networks and secure systems” that will make the edge computing data driven revolution a reality.


George Kurian


The storage powerhouse continues to make it easier for partners providing edge computing solutions with its NetApp BlueXP control plane. The latest update includes a private mode that provides the benefits of BlueXP without connecting to the cloud.

“This is a great fit for three-letter agencies and other sensitive environments where customers do not need a cloud but instead need air-gapped environments,” said Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager of the company’s Cloud Volumes business.Such clients are moving more into restricted modes where they are not connected to the public internet.”


Pankaj Patel

Co-Founder, CEO

The networking disrupter, founded by Patel and Cisco former CEO legend John Chambers, continues to push the edge computing envelope. The latest breakthrough: Nile Guest Service, which provides partners managing network environments an easy way to keep corporate resources protected and separate from visitor or guest traffic.


Rajiv Ramaswami


Nutanix is driving edge computing innovation with a number of new offerings leading with GPT-in-a-box, which gives enterprises a turnkey generative AI solution at the edge. The GPT In a Box solution allows partners to run and fine-tune AI and GPT models at the edge while maintaining control over their data.

Nutanix also earlier this year unveiled Nutanix Central, a single console for management and monitoring that ecompasses the edge,public cloud, data center and hosted infrastructure.


Jensen Huang


The AI powerhouse continues to drive AI edge computing to new heights with its robust product portfolio. The latest innovation: an open-source software library that will boost inference performance for large language models (LLMs) by up to four times on the second and third generations of its RTX GPUs for desktops and laptops.

Nvidia has also teamed with Lenovo to drive adoption of generative AI by businesses who don’t want all their data in the cloud by providing solutions that let them customize and run AI workloads in on-premises servers and even PCs.

Ori Industries

Mahdi Yahya


The company’s radical rethinking of how to securely connect apps and then keep them working and sharing data from the edge to the data center to the cloud is changing the multi-cloud application landscape.

“In the ever-evolving tech world, scaling and managing applications across a global infrastructure can seem like a Herculean task,” said Yahya. “This is the challenge that fuels us at Ori—to ease this burden and help every company, big or small, navigate these complexities with ease and efficiency.”

Pure Storage

Charles Giancarlo


Pure Storage is aiming to yet again disrupt the edge computing market with a Storage-as-a-Service offering that pays for customer’s power and rack space.

In what it is calling an “industry first,” the company said it is paying for customers’ power and rack space through a Pure Evergreen//One Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) and Evergreen//Flex subscription.

“By eliminating the growing challenges of managing rising electricity costs and rack unit space, Pure Storage further exemplifies what it means to offer a true, seamless cloud experience, on-premises,” according to Pure Storage.

Red Hat

Matt Hicks

President, CEO

Red Hat is changing the edge computing equation with its Ansible Automation Platform 2.4. The new offering reduces the risk of IT infrastructure errors and degradation by connecting infrastructure and app observability tools.

What’s more, it provides partners with the ability to pre-determine and define rules for unresponsive system proceses, unauthorized access requests and other situations.


Christian Klein


SAP continues to boost edge capabilities with the release of its private cloud edition of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, a version of the company’s ERP application set with greater flexibility and more functionality targeting businesses and organizations with complex needs.

The new SAP 4/HANA Cloud, private edition, offers customers their own dedicated virtual private cloud that shares no compute or data storage resources with other customers, as do applications running on a public cloud platform.

Scale Computing

Jeff Ready

Co-Founder, CEO

The Iedge computing innovator earlier this year introduced what it calls an “industry-changing zero-touch provisioning” capability for Scale Computing Fleet Manager that decreases edge computing infrastructure installation time by 90 percent.

“Scale Computing engineering has always been focused on providing customers and partners the best in simple, secure, efficient and highly available IT infrastructure,” said Scale Computing co-founder and Chief Product Officer Scott Loughmiller. “We extended that focus to making customers successful at the edge, whether deploying thousands of clusters or just a few. Edge infrastructure shouldn’t require hands-on initialization.”

Schneider Electric

Peter Herweck


Schneider Electric continues to be a leader in driving down edge computing energy costs with its EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex, which was released earlier this year.

Schneider Electric said EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex provides dramatic cost savings by expediting the completion of microgrid system projects from specification to design and build in months instead of years.

The EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex is optimized through a data-as-a-service model where the Microgrid’s data plugs into the AI-powered AutoGrid VPP (Virtual Power Plant) platform.

“EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex empowers businesses to take the future of sustainability into their own hands with a solution that considerably reduces downtime, greenhouse gas emissions and energy waste,” said Bala Vinayagam, senior vice president of the Microgrid line of business at Schneider Electric.


Gary Steele


Splunk this year delivered ground-breaking edge innovation with its Splunk Edge Hub, which simplifies the ingestion and analysis of data generated by operational technology including sensors, IoT devices and industrial equipment.

Edge Hub provides more complete visibility across IT and OT environments in such industries as manufacturing and energy management by streaming previously hard to access data directly into the Splunk platform.

Splunk Edge Hub “breaks down barriers and silos that historically made it difficult to extract and integrate data from your operating environment,” said Splunk Senior Vice President of Products and Technology Tom Casey.

Vapor IO

Cole Crawford

Founder, CEO

The edge pioneer is delivering real-time services at a significantly lower cost with its Kinetic Grid platform, which is delivering breakthrough AI services. The company this year stepped up its partner sales offensive with its new “Monetize the AI Edge” program, which gives partners deal registration, up to 10 percent margin and pays partners more on renewals.

“Forward-thinking channel partners have already recognized that real-time AI services are in high demand, and by signing up for Vapor’s Monetize Edge AI channel program, they can accelerate their revenue goals,” said Crawford. “Our Kinetic Grid Platform is the ideal delivery vehicle for AI services. Our shared-infrastructure model means application providers can deliver new real-time services at significantly lower cost than other alternatives and with a SaaS-like pay-as-you-go business model.”

Veeam Software

Anand Eswaran


Veeam continues to demonstrate its edge computing backup and security prowess with new offerings including the latest release of Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 with new capabilities for backup, recovery, ransomware protection and business continuity.

Also notable is a new partnership to secure the edge with a partnership with Sophos. The partnership integrates Veeam Data Platform with Sophos Managed Detection and Response.

Versa Networks

Kelly Ahuja


Versa Networks is stepping up its secure edge networking charge with new generative AI tools and capabilities. Among the advanced VersaAI capabilities are AI/Machine Learning Malware Detection for Advanced Threat Protection and AI powered Microsegmentation with zero trust access control for IT and OT devices.

A new generative AI security capability, meanwhile, provides granular policy-based controls for ChatGPT to protect against unauthorized access.


Giordano Albertazzi

Vertiv is delivering breakthrough edge computing energy savings with its new Vertiv SmartMod Max CW prefabricated modular data center.

Vertiv said the configurable and scalable solution supports up to 200kW of total IT load in a single systems with chilled water cooling for energy efficiency.

The range of customization options makes the SmartMod Max CW ideal for edge data centers, midsize enterprises, government and health care.


Raghu Raghuram


VMware upped the edge computing ante earlier this year with the release of VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator, which helps customers deploy, manage and better secure edge native applications and infrastructure. The new offering allows partners to manage multiple edge offerings at scale.

VMware also is making available a new VMware Edge managed connectivity services enabling wireless service providers to deliver private 4G/5G and a new retail edge solution.


David Friend

Co-Founder, CEO

Wasabi is reshaping the edge computing landscape with a blockbuster partnership with IBM designed to drive hybrid cloud innovation.

Wasabi said the partnership, unveiled earlier this year, allows enterprises to run applications across any environment—at the edge, on-premises or in the cloud—and help enable users to cost-efficiently access and utilize key business data and analytics in real time.

The business and analytics capabilities are delivered using IBM Cloud Satellite, which helps partners manage cloud object storage and workloads across any environment, including the edge, from a single control point.