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The 10 Most Controversial Companies Of 2021

Steven Burke

Some of the biggest companies in the tech industry were also some of the most controversial companies in 2021, as cyberattacks and channel conflict dominated the headlines on CRN.

Cyber criminals once again got the best of some of the biggest and most respected technology brands in 2021.

Ransomware breaches – which were off the charts in 2020- reached pandemic proportions in 2021. No business was safe in a technology landscape ruled by cyber criminals and nation state attacks.

One of the top MSP platform providers became infamous as the attack victim for what became known as one of the biggest ransomware heists in the history of computing. The attack highlighted yet again the constant threat faced by MSPs and solution providers as the targets of choice for cyber criminals.

This even as the nation’s number one technology solution provider with $55 billion in annual revenue found itself trying to limit the fallout from a ransomware attack.

The world’s largest software maker was also in the crosshairs of cyber-criminals with its on premise email server being hit in one of the largest attacks in history. An estimated 30,000 U.S. organizations and 60,000 organizations globally were hit by the Exchange server attack.

Log4j – which was described by one prominent software executive as a “Fukishima moment for cybersecurity” – put one of the top multicloud software makers into the sights of the Conti Russian Ransomware group.

Channel conflict is a closely watched measure for solution providers of all stripes. This year, one of the largest infrastructure makers in the world was hit with charges of channel conflict that started with PCs and then moved into storage, server and hyperconverged infrastructuredeals, sources told CRN.

The list of most controversial organizations also included a software channel darling that faced unprecedented turmoil with a new CEO, layoffs and report of a potential play to take the company private; a cloud behemoth grappling with outages and a chip behemoth being sued by the Federal Trade Commission to stop a $40 billion blockbuster deal.

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