Opposites Attract: 8 Cloud Deals Forged To Deliver Hybrid Solutions

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Teaming Toward Hybrid

Recent months have seen a steady progression of deals in which powerhouse IT vendors, many of which wouldn't be caught dead in a room together a couple years earlier, locked arms to deliver hybrid cloud capabilities at global scale.

As hybrid infrastructure increasingly becomes the IT model of choice for the global enterprise, technology vendors are realizing they can't deliver the goods entirely on their own. Most are specialists in either on-premises infrastructure, or running their clouds, but not both. Even Microsoft and Oracle, two companies with the rare ability to span the hybrid divide, see the value of partnering.

Legacy stalwarts need their cloud counterparts; IaaS providers like industry leader Amazon Web Services, whose CEO once blithely proclaimed the demise of on-premises infrastructure, have reassessed the realities of modern enterprise environments. As it becomes clear neither model looks poised to dominate, at least not in the foreseeable future, the hybrid impetus is acting as a magnetic force, and opposites attract.

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