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Nutanix CEO On VMware Competition, Red Hat Wins And New Portfolio

Mark Haranas

Nutanix CEO Rajiv Ramaswami talks to CRN about the company’s new portfolio and core-base pricing, competition against VMware, growing market momentum with Red Hat and when Nutanix Clusters on Azure will be available.

How will the new core-based pricing and new portfolio will help Nutanix get an advantage over VMware?

Fundamentally, we are focused on creating a platform that is differentiated in terms of how we handle data—providing simplicity to our customers, providing the flexibility of choice at every level of the stack whether it’s hardware, whether it’s hypervisor, whether it’s cloud native stack, whether it’s cloud of choice, and whether it’s the subscription term, full license portability, etc. So that fundamentally doesn’t change for us as an advantage.

With the new portfolio that we’ve launched, it just makes it easier. All of this becomes easier. It becomes easier for a customer to go get our products for the use case they want, get it deploy easily with our solutions and validated designs, as well as our deployment guides.

And it makes it easier for us and our partners to get the sale done quicker as well. It just aids in us being able to do more with our partners and customers quicker.

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