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Nutanix CEO On VMware Competition, Red Hat Wins And New Portfolio

Mark Haranas

Nutanix CEO Rajiv Ramaswami talks to CRN about the company’s new portfolio and core-base pricing, competition against VMware, growing market momentum with Red Hat and when Nutanix Clusters on Azure will be available.


How is your new Red Hat partnership helping you win over VMware?

Our customer base is running both traditional workloads on virtual machines and they’re also looking at their modern application development being done on container-based platforms—of which Red Hat with OpenShift has the lead platform in the market. So it’s a logical thing for us to make one-plus-one greater than two.

Because those OpenShift container-based workloads have to run on a platform, for us, the ability to run that on a Nutanix platform allows us to become very relevant for both virtual machine-based workloads and for container-based workloads.

If you look at the total stack: we provide the infrastructure as-a-service stack, Red Hat provides the platform as-a-service stack. So those two put together allows a customer to run the entire stack for running both modern and traditional applications. This is why there’s a lot of interest in us going together to go win in the market together.

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