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Nutanix CEO On VMware Competition, Red Hat Wins And New Portfolio

Mark Haranas

Nutanix CEO Rajiv Ramaswami talks to CRN about the company’s new portfolio and core-base pricing, competition against VMware, growing market momentum with Red Hat and when Nutanix Clusters on Azure will be available.

How do you feel Nutanix did in your second fiscal quarter?

We outperform, again, this quarter. We exceeded all of our guided metrics. We are building momentum in renewals. Our subscription model is coming along. ACV building grew 37 percent year over year, our highest growth rate in three years. Our revenue growth was 19 percent year over year.

By the way, we are seeing this kind of growth even when some of our competitors have announced less-stellar numbers when it comes to this portion of that business on the HCI piece.

We continue to be well on track to achieving a target of sustainable, positive free cash flow this calendar year. We continue to make progress against our vision, with our new product portfolio which we launched globally and simplified.

Finally, we continue to also see our hybrid multi cloud vision resonating with our customers. This is the notion that cloud is an operating model, not a destination. We have the solutions to make this journey to hybrid cloud less complex.

What’s your message to the partner community?

Get familiar with the new portfolio. Get enabled and trained on being able to take that to market independently as much as possible. Build a practice and take this to market. It will help our partners be successful. And frankly, when partners are successful, we will be successful. So our success at Nutanix is mutually tied together. So let’s go with together.


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