8 New Lenovo Servers Powered By Intel Xeon Processors

CRN breaks down each of the eight next-generation ThinkSystem servers Lenovo launched today.

Lenovo’s Next-Generation Server Line With Intel

Lenovo’s server product line is getting a major shot in the arm with the launch of eight new ThinkSystem servers built for modern workloads around artificial intelligence, cloud, VDI and advanced analytics. All of Lenovo’s servers are powered by Intel Xeon processors with several including Nvidia GPUs.

“Our next-generation ThinkSystem Server platform delivers a unique balance of performance, security, and efficiency,” said Kamran Amini, vice president and general manager of Infrastructure Solutions Platforms, during a media roundtable discussion. “With the combination of Lenovo innovation in security, water-cooling technology and as-a-service economics, we enable customers to accelerate and secure a broad range of real-world workloads with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.”

Included in Lenovo’s massive server launch is four new performance optimized servers – the ThinkSystem SD650 V2, SD650-N V2, SD630 V2 and SR670 V-- that provide top notch computing power in minimal floor space with reduced energy consumption. These next-generation of Lenovo ThinkSystem servers are designed to fully exploit PCIe Gen4 which doubles I/O bandwidth for network cards, NVMe devices and GPU/accelerators to provide a balanced system performance between the CPU and the I/O.

Additionally, all the new servers can be sold on a consumption, as-a-service basis through Lenovo’s TruScale Infrastructure Services. CRN breaks down the eight new Lenovo servers that channel partners and customers need to know about.

ThinkSystem SR670 V2

One of the most powerful servers launched today is the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2 server. The 3U rack-mount server platform with three modules is designed for high performance computing (HPC) and AI training workloads, supporting the vast NVIDIA Ampere datacenter GPU portfolio. The ThinkSystem SR670 V2 has up to two 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors per node, with up to 2-TB of memory.

With six base configurations that support up to eight small or large form factor GPUs, the SR670 V2 allows customers the flexibility to configure PCIe or SXM form factors. One of those configurations features a Lenovo Neptune liquid to air heat exchanger that provides the benefits of liquid cooling without the adding plumbing.

ThinkSystem SD650-N V2

Lenovo said a rack of Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650-N V2 delivers enough compute performance to place in the top 300 of the TOP500 list of supercomputers. A single rack of Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650-N V2 provides up to 2.8 PetaFLOPS of high-performance computing or 45 PetaFLOPS of artificial intelligence at peak performance.

Expanding the Lenovo Neptune platform, direct water-cooling technology for GPUs, the SD650-N V2 server combines two 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with four Nvidia A100 GPUs and Nvidia InfiniBand networking to deliver maximum performance in a dense 1U package. Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SD650-N V2 also supports NVIDIA NGC, providing pre-trained models, training scripts, optimized framework containers and inference engines for popular deep learning models.

ThinkSystem SR650 V2

Lenovo says the new ThinkSystem SR650 V2 is ideal for scalability from SMB to large enterprises and managed cloud service providers. The 2U two-socket server is engineered for speed and expansion, with flexible storage and I/O for business-critical workloads.

The ThinkSystem SR650 V2 server provides Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series for increased performance and capacity for database and virtual machine deployments, with support for PCIe Gen4 networking to reduce data bottlenecks. The Lenovo server is engineered to deliver high performance with 270W CPUs, low-latency NVMe drives, and high-power GPUs. In terms of memory, the server has 32x DDR4 memory slots and a maximum of 4TB using 32x 128GB RDIMMs.

ThinkSystem SD650 V2

The ThinkSystem SD650 V2 is built to handle compute-intensive workloads such as HPC, AI, cloud, grid and advanced analytics. The server has two Intel Xeon CPUs per node, with up to 2-TB of memory.

Lenovo’s SD650 V2 dual-node tray is designed for large-scale cloud, heavy simulations and modeling. The server supports Lenovo Neptune Direct to Node technology as well as workloads including technical computing, grid deployments, analytics, and is suited for fields such as research, life sciences, energy, simulation, and engineering. By leveraging Lenovo’s Neptune cooling technology, the SD650 V2 server utilizes a highly reliable copper loop and cold plate architecture removing up to 90 percent of the systems heat.

ThinkSystem SR630 V2

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 V2 is a 1U server built for business-critical versatility. The new two-socket server features optimized performance and density for hybrid data center workloads such as cloud, virtualization, analytics, computing and gaming.

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SR630 V2 contains Lenovo XClarity management capabilities as well as Lenovo ThinkShield security for end-to-end protection. The server has up to 40 processor cores from two third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors as well as denser memory from 32 DIMMs and support for 16 Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 series modules.

ThinkSystem SN550 V2

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SN550 V2 is designed for enterprise performance and flexibility in a compact footprint. The two-socket blade server node is optimized for performance, efficiency and security – designed to tackle business-critical workloads such as cloud, server virtualization, databases and VDI.

This blade server incorporates up to two third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with memory speeds up to 3200 MHz, plus increased application throughput and VM density the addition of Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 Series modules. The company’s Flex System Enterprise Chassis houses up to 14 ThinkSystem SN550 V2 blades—containing up to two third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and16 DIMM slots—and up to four integrated switches. Lenovo’s Flex System aims to make infrastructure more composable and customizable.

ThinkSystem SD630 V2

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SD630 V2 is an ultra-dense and agile server that Lenovo says handles twice the workloads per server rack unit of rack space compared to traditional 1U servers. By leveraging Lenovo Neptune Thermal Transfer Modules (TTMs), the SD630 V2 supports processors up to 250W, driving 1.5 times the performance of the previous generation in the same rack space.

The server consists of a 42U Lenovo ThinkSystemDA240 Enclosure containing up to four front-access ThinkSystem SD630 V2 servers. Each node incorporates two 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. In terms of memory, the 2U server has up to 1TB using 16x 64GB 3200MHz DIMMs per node.

ThinkSystem ST650 V2

Built for performance and maximum scalability, the new Lenovo ThinkSystem ST650 V2 is a two-socket mainstream tower server that includes the industry’s latest technology in a slimmer 4U chassis to address highly configurable tower systems. The new server provide support in remote offices or branch offices (ROBO), technology and retail, while optimizing workloads.

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem ST650 V2 looks to maximize local data analytics and deliver larger scale virtual solutions. The server includes enterprise-class security features, leveraging Lenovo ThinkShield standards, which is a comprehensive approach to enhancing security in all products from end-to-end, including supply chain and manufacturing processes.