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30 Hot New Small-Business Products You Need To Know About

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From networking to SD-WAN to cybersecurity, here are 30 products for SMBs from XChange 2019.

ID Agent Changes Pricing Model

ID Agent, a dark web monitoring and identity theft protection company, has modified its pricing model in a bid to add more value for channel partners.

For dark web monitoring, the Bowie, Md.-based company has increased the base-level number of domains that partners can track for organizations without raising its prices, according to Matt Solomon, vice president of business development.

“The amount of value we added back into the partnership in some cases doubled or tripled,” Solomon said. “Originally at the base level, they were getting 10 domains, and now they’re getting 30 domains, so it’s really just increasing the profit margin for the [managed service provider] and the revenue opportunity.”

ID Agent sees dark web monitoring as an essential service that its 1,300 channel partners should be offering to their entire client bases, and many are starting to roll it out as part of a larger security bundle, according to Solomon.

For its live prospecting tool, ID Agent made unlimited live searches available at its $400 price level instead of its $500 level.

“The idea is that our partners are doing a lot more events, so they wanted to have that unlimited capability,” Solomon said. “And, ultimately, the more prospecting that they’re able to do, obviously it’s advantageous for both the MSP and ID Agent. Having that unlimited live search capability allows them to just really fully utilize our product as a sales and marketing component of their offering.”

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