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10 Hot Cybersecurity Companies You Should Watch In 2022

Michael Novinson

Many of the industry’s most successful cybersecurity companies will prioritize integrating major acquisitions, executing on new channel and technology partnerships, and expanding their services capabilities.


Qualys bought cloud workflow management and no-code automation platform TotalCloud for $1.2 million to allow customers to build user-defined workflows for custom policies. It will be part of the Qualys Cloud Platform, which provides a continuous assessment of an organization’s security and compliance posture, along with response capabilities such as threat prioritization and patching,

The company in November added Infrastructure as Code scanning to its CloudView app to get detection and remediation of misconfigurations earlier in the development cycle. The Foster City, Calif.-based cloud security vendor beefed up its head count by 20 percent over the past year to 1,814 people, with the most aggressive hiring taking place in the sales and engineering organizations.

New capabilities have also made Qualys more appealing to customers, with year-over-year sales expected to grow by 13 percent in 2021 to $410 million. Wall Street has rewarded Qualys’ investments by driving the company’s stock price up 6 percent over the past year to $127.14 per share on a valuation of $4.94 billion.

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