Competitors Chime In On EMC's XtremIO Rollout Before It Hits

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EMC XtremIO: Competitors Rush To Judge

One way to judge the importance of a new product announcement is to watch competitors hit the market with statements about the launch. Sometimes there's support for the launch because of the new product's visibility. Usually it's an opportunity for rivals to stake out a competitive position for their own products.

The latter is certainly the case in an outbreak of competitor statements about EMC's XtremIO all-flash array. EMC has made no secret its launch is set for Thursday. Indeed, EMC is inviting the IT industry to the launch.

CRN has brought together comments direct from EMC's competitors in this nice little package. When reading the comments, however, please note that EMC has not officially released all the speeds, feeds, pricing, and marketing details. These competitors' statements are based on information made public to date.

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