VMworld 2019: News, Announcements And Analysis

VMworld 2019

CRN was live in San Francisco for VMworld 2019. Bookmark this page for the latest news, videos and exclusive interviews from the show floor.

Jenni Flinders Confirms VMware Partner Connect Launch For Feb. 29
“If any partner comes to me saying, ‘Hey, I want more rebates.’ That’s the wrong conversation to have. It’s more around, ‘How do we extend your business models? And how do we help you build more practice areas?” says Jenni Flinders, vice president and Global Channel Chief for VMware, in an interview with CRN.

10 Important Acquisitions Fueling VMware’s Multi-Cloud, Container Comeback
VMware has been on a buying binge over the last two years. At VMworld 2019, that wisdom of that acquisition strategy came fully into the light.

VMware Everywhere—But AWS Still Key
VMware Cloud was once synonymous with Amazon Web Services. Now ‘multi-cloud’ is a better expression of the VMware Hybrid Cloud strategy, but the groundbreaking relationship with the public cloud leader remains a critical component

Sanjay Poonen: VMware Will Out-Innovate ‘Fossils’ Symantec, McAfee
‘The traditional endpoint security space has always thought about it as client endpoints—laptops, Windows, Linux—they don’t talk about server endpoints. We have an incredible advantage in server endpoints. Why? Because we own 70 million VMs with vSphere,’ says Sanjay Poonen, VMware’s chief operating officer.

5 New VMware NSX And Dell Networking Offerings At VMworld
CRN breaks down the five new NSX, NSX-T and software-defined networking offerings unveiled Tuesday at VMWorld 2019.

VMware CEO Gelsinger Interrupts VMworld Demo, Announces CTO Swap
Greg Lavender will become VMware's CTO as Ray O'Farrell transitions to lead the company's ‘cloud-native efforts.’

Joyce Mullen On Why ‘Nobody Can Match’ The Dell Technologies Cloud
Dell Technologies channel chief Joyce Mullen talks to CRN about the Dell Technologies Cloud, tighter VMware integration ahead and how VMware’s acquisition of Carbon Black and Pivotal Software will benefit channel partners.

Carbon Black SVP: VMware Will ‘Leapfrog’ Cisco, Palo Alto Networks
“[VMware and Carbon Black] is just going to leapfrog the competition, there’s no question,” said Tom Barsi, senior vice president of corporate and business development for Carbon Black.

All The Ways Carbon Black Can Achieve VMware CEO's Vision Of Unified Security
Technology gained from the $2.1 billion acquisition will find its way into multiple VMware security products, says VMware COO at VMworld.

VMware Reveals Its Roadmap To Kubernetes Dominance
Building off its PKS service with soon-to-be subsidiary Pivotal, VMware is preparing to launch a build-out of its container portfolio, which will culminate with a native integration of Kubernetes into vSphere.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger’s 5 Boldest Statements At VMWorld
‘With Project Pacific, we are bringing the largest infrastructure community, the largest set of operators, the largest set of customers directly to the Kubernetes. We will be the leading enabler of Kubernetes,’ says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

10 New VMware Cloud Services And Products Launched At VMWorld
From new capabilities for VMware Cloud on AWS and vRealize to the VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform, here are 10 new services and products launched at VMWorld 2019 that you need to know about.

VMware Cloud On Dell EMC Now Available, Demand ‘Off The Charts’
‘This is just more proof that if you’re a VMware customer, you should be a Dell EMC customer,’ says Joshua Lee, director of sales at VirtuIT Systems.

VMware Launches ‘Evolutionary’ Hybrid Cloud Platform
VMware took the wraps off the new VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform at VMWorld 2019, allowing enterprises to migrate and modernize applications across data centers, clouds and edge locations.

VMware, Nvidia Bring GPUs To vSphere For Virtualized AI, HPC Workloads
'We live in a multi-cloud world, just like anybody else. We believe extending AI and deep learning into that multi-cloud world is pretty important,' an Nvidia and VMware partner says of the new vCompute platform that allows enterprises to provision virtualized GPUs for emerging workloads.