Women Of The Channel 2021

WOTC West 2021

The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit is for women of all stages in their tech careers. Organizations and working environments have changed rapidly over the last couple of years, and companies more than ever need the unique skills and breakthrough thinking that women bring to the table.

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WOTC East 2021

Lessons Learned From The IT Channel’s Top Female Business Leaders
From making bold moves despite the fear of failure, to advocating for yourself and others, here are lessons learned from some of the channel’s leading executives who spoke at Women of the Channel 2021 event in New York City.

How One Mother Paved The Way For Her Daughter In IT
“When she first started at Ingram, one of the biggest things was when you walk down the hallways people would say, ‘Is Stacie your daughter?’ and I would hear that constantly. Years later it turned around and it was, ‘Oh, you‘re Stacie’s mom.’” says Sue Odrobina, inside sales representative for World Wide Technologies, at the The Channel Company’s Women of the Channel East 2021 conference.

Stacey Gordon’s Four Steps Toward Creating A Lasting, Diverse Workforce
‘When someone is taught again and again that they have to work twice as hard to get into the workplace, they’re going to be twice as good,’ says Stacey Gordon, CEO and Chief Diversity Strategist of Rework Work, at the WOTC 2021 events.

Lenovo’s Wendy Welch: 4 Ways To Blaze A Path To Leadership Success
‘Change doesn’t always feel good,’ says Wendy Welch, executive director for US distribution and partner sales at Lenovo. ‘Sometimes we choose it. Sometimes it’s forced on us. We control what we do next.’

Red Hat Exec: We Can’t Talk About Diversity Without Talking About Inclusion
‘The value in learning how to help someone be who they are and treat them with respect based on their identity is the best thing you can do,’ said Red Hat’s Margaret Dawson in a keynote at the Women Of The Channel Leadership Summit East.

WOTC: Women In IT Turned Down For Raises More Often Than Men In 2021
“We’ve talked about: ‘You have to lean in, you have to raise your hand and show them you want it. This isn’t about women not ‘bucking up. These statistics show that we are doing that, actually, more frequently than men,” said Lisa MacKenzie, founding partner of The Channel Company during the Women Of The Channel 2021 events.

Erin Brockovich On ‘Stick-To-Itiveness’ And Turning Weakness Into Strength
At the Women Of The Channel Leadership Summit East, Erin Brockovich talked about the logic of following your gut and how others’ perceptions of you ‘don’t have to be your perception of who you are.’

WOTC West 2021

Two Tech Leaders On Connecting With Customers During Times Of Crisis
Two executives talked customer-centric strategies during unprecedented times and the advice they have for women in the channel heading into next year at the Women Of The Channel West Leadership Summit 2021.

Mother, Daughter Share Insights On Two Generations In IT
At the Women of the Channel West Leadership Summit 2021, Aruba Networks’ Channel Chief Donna Grothjan and her daughter, Katie Grothjan, digital marketing manager for solution provider giant Ingram Micro, shared their experiences as women of two generations in IT.

The Most Powerful Women Of The Channel 2021: Power 100
The Power 100 is culled from the ranks of CRN’s Women of the Channel and spotlights the female executives at vendors and distributors whose insight and influence help drive channel success.

The 2021 Women of the Channel Awards
This year, CRN honors over 1000 women whose channel expertise and vision are deserving of recognition.