Backup And Disaster Recovery Minute: The Ultimate One-Two Punch Disaster Recovery Solution

Learn how one solution provider migrated over 200 customers to StorageCraft in less than three months and offered true one-click disaster recovery-as-a-service.

Businesses fall victim to ransomware attacks every 11 seconds, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Partners must look for more efficient ways to protect their customers’ data, if they want to survive in today’s “recovery era.”

“Previously, it was easy to just have file-level backups, and it would take half-a-day sometimes to spin a server up,” says Armando Rivera, director of technical solutions at High Touch Technologies. “Now, clients expect to have their servers back up within minutes, and that’s important.”

Solution providers who can’t recover customer data in minutes risk losing that client. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with a vendor that offers a differentiated set of products, combining the core components of data protection and recovery.

“Our previous solution failed us in a way that we made the decision that we needed to change,” says Rivera. “We were so hesitant to move, because we had over 200 environments out there that we needed to migrate.”

When High Touch Technologies deployed StorageCraft technology, Rivera says the improvement happened immediately. “They gave us 90 days plus. We were done in about 70 days.”

StorageCraft provides true one-click disaster recovery-as-a-service by integrating StorageCraft Cloud Services with ShadowXafe, its next-generation data protection software.

“With ShadowXafe, we’ve raised the game even further with VirtualBoot,” says Jeannine Edwards, StorageCraft senior director of channel marketing. “We’ve built upon this differentiated technology with something called intelligent I/O patterns. Essentially what that means is this intelligent data platform is prioritizing the recovery process for the customer.”

Customers shouldn’t be the only ones concerned with ransomware proofing. MSPs are becoming a new target for cybercriminals because of the scale hackers can achieve by infiltrating a partner’s environment, according to CompTIA. StorageCraft is prioritizing protection for MSPs by offering OneXafe – a converged data platform that protects data with continuous immutable snapshots every 90 seconds.

“We position OneXafe as a great deployment tool for the MSP,” says Edwards. “You’re making sure not only your customers are safe, but that your own environment is virtually ransomware proof.”

The combination of OneXafe, ShadowXafe and Cloud Services gives partners confidence one vendor can provide complete data protection and recovery, and consistently win customers’ business.

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